Collaborative work is everything.

Nobody has all the skills to execute their best ideas or all the best ideas for what do with their skills. Call it consulting, contracting, collaboration, commissioning, employment—it’s not the root of all great ideas, but it’s the root of all great ideas that actually get out the door.

I like projects that are genuinely new in at least some small way. Scholarly/popular, historical/contemporary, text/still/audio/visual, simple/complicated, online/offline, physical/textual, short-term/long-term, staid/controversial, pipe dream/fully formed, funny/serious, Jewish/secular, non-profit/for-profit are all on the table. It just has to have at its core something that is genuinely new.

If there’s something you have in mind—fully formed or otherwise—drop me a line, preferably by email, and let’s start a conversation.